What We Do

We produce some of the most diverse and dynamic music fit for any project.
We provide music for film, TV, commercials, video games and digital content.
Developing talent with strategies and approaches to fulfill their objectives.


Offstream Music Group is a full-service music company with an emphasis on dynamic talent development, strategy, licensing and versatile production services.

We have built a stellar team of producers and songwriters who have experience working with major record labels, major and independent artists, film, TV, video games, composing and mixing. They have garnered a tremendous amount of success from gold and multi-platinum records, hit TV shows, successful film soundtracks, Grammy awards, Emmy awards and more.

We provide our artists with full scale development and label services by developing their brands, expanding their social media and marketing reach, enhancing their image, developing collaborations with other brands, distribution, production and management.

OMG is a division of Offstream Entertainment

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